Can I march ViP and Drum Corps?

Yes, in fact, we encourage it, though this is obviously a larger undertaking financially.  In terms of scheduling, we allow our members to miss one weekend per month to attend drum corps camps.  The only exceptions to this policy are shows (especially WGI Regionals) and the entire month of March, during which 100% attendance is required.  This is pretty standard, and most drum corps will work with us so that you can do both groups successfully.  In fact, many DCI groups have begun to excuse all percussion and guard from their March camps, due to a high volume of WGI related conflicts during that month. So, this is almost a non-issue, as long as the applicant is organized and driven.

Can I march ViP and my High School's Indoor Line?

It's possible, and not without precedent. Decisions on this will be made on a case-by-case basis, depending on the demands of an offered role in ViP vs. the demands of the applicant's role in his/her high school ensemble.

Are there fundraising options available to help with my dues?

Yes. For more info on this, contact Executive Director Roger Treacher.